Area Property Deed Transfers, Dec. 9


Clements Dawn Est and Carlene E. Clements to Annie Nugent, 24 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 415, $208,000

Devine Judith A Est and Susan G. Englehardt Ad to Arlene Sumner, 27 Green Leaves Dr., Unit 706, $168,000

Robin Allison to Mark Dixon and Sheryl Heitker, 82 Memorial Dr., $351,000

Ruby Given to Katherine E. Ocallaghan and Malcolm Sen, 7 Teaberry Lane, $625,000


Angela G. Tauer and Mark S. Tauer to Jonathan Bish and Emily C. Supernant, 63 Barton Ave., $354,000

Lafleur&Son Inc. and Lj Development LLC to Lafleur&Son Inc., Franklin Street, Lot 232, $73,000

Lafleur&Son Inc. to Darshakkumar A. Patel and Yaminiben D. Patel, 125 Franklin St., Unit 232, $470,000

Judith Ratkiewicz to Kelsey M. Lavalle and Morgan H. Lavalle, Stebbins Street, $45,000

Samuel O. Walker and Heather L. Walker to Sarah Sybil-Johnson, 60 Summit St., $323,000


Dale View Apartments LL to Rhiannon Nihill and Noah Bogoff, 134 Sugar Hill Road, $295,000


Emerson Homestead T and Steven Emerson Tr to Tina M. Mccarthy and Alexander P. Feinstein, Bush Road, $230,000

David Weinberg to Jennifer Oneill and Joseph Oneill, 1 Flat Iron Road, $135,000

Emerson Homestead T and Steven Emerson Tr to Tina M. Mccarthy and Alexander P. Feinstein, Old Route 9, $230,000

Emerson Homestead T and Steven Emerson Tr to Tina M. Mccarthy and Alexander P. Feinstein, 32 W Main St., $230,000


W Marek Inc. to Mitchell Graves and Emily Hartmann, 24 Colonial Ave., Unit 24, $386,000

Fiverobin LLC to Virginia Hoener and Marco Barroso, 46-48 Ferry St., $210,000

Susan Meehan to Roni Tilkin, 28 West St., $239,900

Brian Laprade to Brett Roy and Jennifer Roy, Westview Terrace, $12,400


Michael J. Baines to Adam J. Gagne and Claudette Gagne, 17 S. Main St., $270,000


Eileen Doyle to Christopher Watt and Rebecca Foster, 144 Batchelor St., $339,500

Timothy A. Hurd and Danielle M. Latty to Mitchell Bridgman, 90 West St., $268,250


Edward Smith to David M. Hodges Sr. and Vicki Rhodes-Hodges, 11 Gore Ave., $349,900


Maria T. Rodriguez and Teofilo Vasquez Jr. to Anibal A. Diaz-Luna and Enid Y. Ofray-Ocasio, 85 Brook St., $215,000

Steven K. Jackson and Darlene Jackson to Eric Gose and Cheryl Gose, 18 Gordon Dr., $300,000

12D Maplecrest Circle R and Nicholas P. Boccio Tr to Melvin Rivera, 12 Maple Crest Circle, Unit D, $134,000

Patricia E. Broderick to Joseph P. Courchesne and Lisa M. Courchesne, 63 Nonotuck St., $230,000

Erik Lamothe and Lisa V. Lamothe to Nicole Mann, 326 Pleasant St., $272,500

Marie S. Grass to Steven C. Girard & Robert C. Girard III, 85 S. Bay State Road, $150,000

Iglesia Agape Church to Iglesia Pentecostal Jeh, 375 S. Elm St., $225,000

Kathleen Osullivan and Maura Oneill-Garvey to Jose R. Rivera, 31 Woodland St., $207,000


Nicholai J. Wykowski to Cordell C. Saalfrank, 10 Harlow Clark Road, $325,000

Howard R. Noe and Sandra E. Noe to Shannon G. Barger, 5 Maple St., $142,000


Schumann Roy W Est and Nancy L. Schumann to Nicholas Atlas, 80 Town Hill Road, $210,000


Keith O Kaneta RET and Keith O. Kaneta Tr to Renato P. Bartoli, 74 Barrett St., Unit 204, $147,500

Mark Sellers to Elizabeth J. Crow-Bilad, 38 Brierwood Dr., $272,000

Timothy T. Odonnell to Daryl Delisle and Jinsook Delisle, 80 Damon Road, Unit 3305, $159,900

320 Riverside LLC to Mary Marcil-Labbe and Jonathan Marcil-Labbe, 80 Damon Road, Unit 8205, $190,000

Shane M. Zachara to Joseph P. Cox and Cassandra Sutter, 321 Easthampton Road, $255,000

Fletcher A. Blanchard III and Heidi A. Schiller to Stacey Novack and Geoffrey Sanborn, 197 Elm St., $1,125,000

Robert D. Lucas and Sharon L. Gallagher to David C. Hammer, 121 Fern St., $330,000

Conz James A Est and Sara Seitz to Adam Novitt and Priscilla Novitt, 23 Hooker Ave., $75,000

Sunwood Development Cor to Naomi H. Barnett and Mariel R. Boyarsky, 117 Olander Dr., Unit 3a, $443,700

Anne M. Downes to Rebecca Carson-Eisenman and Tyler Carson-Eisenman, 82 Pines Edge Dr., Unit 82, $275,000

David W. Gontaruk and Ranny Deoliveira to Paul R. Lastowski Jr., 517 Westhampton Road, $475,000


James H. Pugliese and Kathryn A. Pugliese to Kyle Amberman and Rachael Amberman, 47 Jones Ave., $620,000

Donald Carr T and Nicholas E. Carr Tr to Roy Guidry, 3 Summit St., $25,000


Tropp Joseph W Est and Michael Tropp Ad to Josephine Crane, 312 Alvord Place, Unit 312, $282,200

Roger R. Gauthier and Karen N. Gauthier to Marissa Montemagni, 9 Foch Ave., $300,000

33 Granby Road LLC to Pride LP, 280-286 Granby Road, $575,000

Amanda M. Oulette and Eric D. Oulette to Charles J. Ames and Bridget James, 540 Granby Road, Unit 87, $170,000

Jeffrey L. Levreault and Tiffanie C. Levreault to Ester C. Locke and Rachel L. Locke, 281 Morgan St., $305,000

Alfredo Falvo and Rosa Falvo to Dreamwake Homes Inc., 332 Newton St., $115,000

Michael C. Spring to Pah Properties LLC, 12 Normandy Road, $170,000

Laurie P. Boucher and Richard D. Boucher to Patrice Moskow 2005 RET, 4 Sycamore Park, $610,000


Robin L. Alberti and James H. Prouty to Nicholai Wykowski, 31 Coleman Road, $490,000

Alana J Cullington RET and Jeffrey W. Cullington T to Anthony J. Disanto and Kathryn A. Disanto, 146 Fomer Road, $705,500

Heather A. Longley and Jared M. Longley to Israel Diaz-Luna, 9 Freyer Road, $220,000


Donald Wood to Joshua R. Wood, 24 Kelly Road, $112,200

Jane Geary to Walter S. Bobowiec and Marlee L. Bobowiec, 347 Palmer Road, $255,000

Cynthia J. Johnson to Lindsey A. Vadnais & Douglas P. Tetreault Jr., 52 Warebrook Village, $150,000

Franklin County


Diane H. Overstreet to Robin L. Alberti and James H. Prouty, 34 Hillside Road, $315,000

9 River Road Realty Trust, Leonard P. Galisa, trustee to Alexandrea P. Noonan and Angela M. Buxton, 9 River Road, $293,000


John W. Kinchla to Sweet Meadow Farm LLC, River Road, $56,500

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